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51 Vol.4, No.2 [Article] The Ultimate Portraiture: God in Paradise Lost and in The Divine Comedy 첨부 1035
50 Vol.5, No.1 [Articles] The Italian Labor Market: An Appraisal of the 2003 ‘Biagi Law’ 첨부 1031
49 Vol.4, No.1 [Articles] Written Heritage in The Mediterranean: Research Developments in Spain 첨부 1029
48 Vol.5, No.2 [Articles] Inventors of the First Alphabetic System: Hints from Two Alphabetic Inscriptions in the M… 첨부 1029
47 Vol.6, No.1 [Articles] Staging the Extraordinary Emergence of Divine Entities in the Daily Life of a Visionary H… 첨부 1029
46 Vol.2, No.1 [Articles] The use of Remigius commentary on Donatuss Ars minor in a Carolingian parsing grammar Mag… 첨부 1028
45 Vol.2, No.1 [Articles] High Tension. A Fresh New Wave in French Horror? 첨부 1026
44 Vol.6, No.1 [Articles] The Myth of the “New Phoenicians”: Are Lebanese People Really Cosmopolitan? 첨부 1026
43 Vol.3, No.1 [Articles] Discovering the Diversities of Indonesian Islam in Contemporary Cairo: The Case of the In… 첨부 1022
42 Vol.5, No.2 [Articles] An Archaeology of the Verticalist Mediterranean: From Bridges to Walls 첨부 1022
41 Vol.4, No.1 [Book Review] Pripek – Past and Present 첨부 1020
40 Vol.4, No.2 [Article] Women, Death and the Body in some of Plutarch’s writings 첨부 1018
39 Vol.3, No.2 [Articles] French Foreign Policy towards Africa under Jacques Chirac 첨부 1014
38 Vol.1, No.1 [Articles] The Lord of Morea and its Narrative Models 첨부 1012
37 Vol.1, No.1 [Book Review] Histoire de l'agriculture en Gaule: 500 AV. J.C. ­ 1000 APR. J.-C. 첨부 1008
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