Vol.11, No.2 | [Article] New discoveries of Natural Gas in the Mediterranean and its Impact on International Relations (Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine)



In the last decade, new discoveries of natural gas in the Mediterranean opened the way for predictions of its impacts on the international relations especially between Mediterranean countries. Many countries are involved in this issue whether by direct interest having a share of these discoveries or by indirect interest having the need for this gas. We can see countries; like Egypt and Israel are directly involved with these discoveries sharing the sea boundaries for gas fields. Some other counties are involved with this issue indirectly by being major consumers of natural gas and their needs of importing it.
The question is whether these discoveries would lead to disputes in the Mediterranean region or if it can be a peaceful tool to share the benefits of these natural gas discoveries. To answer this question, this paper will try to shed light on these discoveries and its impacts on the relationships of Mediterranean countries, focusing on four states that are directly involved with those discoveries.

Keyword : Mediterranean, natural gas, discoveries, energy, relations