Vol.5, No.2 | [Articles] The Shipbuilding Industry and Trade Exchanges between the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Countries of the Baltic and the Black Sea (1734-1861)




This paper aims to explain the development of the Neapolitan fleet and of the shipyards of Naples and Castellammare, which played an important role in the overall social and political reorganization of Southern Italy. This area, which had become an independent kingdom in 1734, needed to create its own fleet and specific trade regulations and structures in order to become a legitimate part of the European political scene. When Charles of Bourbon occupied the kingdom of Naples in 1734, the situation was quite critical because it lacked the infrastructure and the fleet had been destroyed. When Charles became king of Spain in 1759, King Ferdinand decided to call admiral John Acton to come to Naples to reorganize the Navy: so for the new 74-gun vessels Acton decided to build a new royal shipyard in Castellammare. And this shipyard was reorganized in the second part of the Bourbon reign (1815 - 1861) for the construction of new steamships.

Keywords : shipyard of Castellammare, 74 and 80-gun vessels, steamships, guns of Sweden, masts of Riga (Russie)