Vol.12, No.2 | [Article] Aya Yorgi of Buyukada A shared Pilgrimage-Shrine in Modern Turkey



A Greek Orthodox Monastery, Aya Yorgi (St George), which is located on the biggest island of Princes’ Islands chain in Istanbul, receives a substantial number of devout pilgrims every year – mainly on the feast of St.
George (23rd April). Though at first sight, it seems to be a Christian space and a shrine, it is deemed to be a “shared sacred site” and an iconic symbol of multi religious coexistence in Turkey. It also needs to be emphasized that the vast majority of pilgrims consists of Muslim women. This paper describes the collective pilgrimage to Aya Yorgi and aims to contribute to the understandings of shared pilgrimages (with a participant observation) in the field.

Keyword : Aya Yorgi, Turkey, Buyukada, Shared pilgrimage, monastery