Vol.11, No.2 | [Article] The Imact of Persian Philosophical and Theological Thoughts on Andalusian Philosophers



The conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by Muslims in the year 711 did not only caused a political change, but also instigated an important cultural, social and scientific transformation in the Mediterranean region. Various fields of study, popular in the Eastern part of the Islamic world at the time, such as literature, philosophy, Islamic theology (Kalām) and Sufism found their way into the Western regions, including Andalusia. This influenced scholars in particular, and the masses in general.
This article reviews interactions between various Andalusian scholars and their counterparts in the Persian area in the field of philosophy during the Andalusian era. The research sheds light on how Islamic sciences, including various ideologies and schools of thought circulated from North Africa to Andalusia, from the East to the West and vice versa, from the onset of history of Andalusia towards the end of the 15th century (1492 AD).

Keyword : Persian, Andalusia, Iberia, Philosophy, Islamic Theology