Vol.15, No.1 | [Article] Uncloistering the Nuns: Reflexions on How to Prevent the University from Becoming another Seclusion of Female Voices (Maria Victoria Curto Hernandez)



This article reflects on the need to improve the dissemination of the research activity carried out within universities. It is based on a specific and personal  case:  the  author’s  experience  within  the  Visionarias  Project (, which works to rescue the hagiographic and mystical literature of Castilian women between 1400 and 1550. The article is divided into  five  parts:  the  first  part  is  devoted  to  the  role  of  women  in  the dissemination of knowledge in late medieval Europe; the second part deals with the literary and cultural activity of two Castilian nuns: Juana de la Cruz and Maria de Santo Domingo; the third part briefly presents the Visionarias Project;  the  fourth  reflects  on  the  usefulness  of  performative  studies  and theatre in the study and dissemination of female texts; and the fifth part puts forward some ideas on how to use social networks in favour of true scientific dissemination.