Vol.1, No.1 | [Articles] A Court for Homicide presented in Drako’s Law : Akousios and Bouleusis



The 12th line of Drako’s law can be restored as follows: d]i /kazen de tos basileas aitio[n] phon[o] ē [akōn(or akonta) kai autocheira](16 or 18 letters) ē [b]oul / eusanta It is not so easy to decide whether a case is ‘akousios phonos’ or ‘akōn’, and whether an actor causing another‘s death is ‘autocheir’ or ‘bouleusas.’ In the same context, we can confer to the text of the Athenian Constitution (LVII,3) that the case of ‘akousioi’ and ‘bouleusis’ came before the court at the Palladion.