Vol.1, No.2 | [Articles] The Slavic Expression бесэдовати чисто ‘To Speak Purely’ In Life of Methodius from the IX Century and in the Modern Pomak Dictionaries




This article traces the use of a Slavic idiomatic expression, corresponding to the English ‘to speak purely’ in a long period of time: from the X till the XXI century - from its first mentioning in the early Slavic literary work, called Life of Methodius, till modern South Slavic languages and dialects. Regarding the present-day use of this expression, the attention is drawn mostly to the so called ‘Pomak’ language, which, in fact, is a South Bulgarian dialect. The conclusion is that there is a direct connection between the language of the medieval manuscript, representing phrases from the then Slavic dialect, spoken in and around the Greek city if Thessaloniki, and the language, spoken by the so called Pomaks, living in modern North-East Greece.