Vol.1, No.2 | [Articles] An Integrative Study of the Moabite Religion during the Iron Age II Period: Glimpsing Religion in Text and Context




This research includes the religion of ancient Near Eastern people and Jordanian archaeology – regarding the religion of Moab during the Iron Age II period. Research of the Moabite religion includes essays or articles by A. H. van Zyl, Gerald L. Mattingly, Udo Worschech, and Paul J. Ray, Jr. However, they do not make an extensive study of Moabite religion by means of archaeological evidence. Furthermore, there are some new finds relating to the issue since Gerald L. Mattingly published his article such as the Moabite sanctuary at Khirbat al-Mudayna and recently excavated figurines in Jordan. For this reason, this article focuses on the Moabite religion, especially the Moabite national deity, Kemosh. In addition to the Hebrew Bible, the Mesha Inscription provides valuable information regarding the Moabite religious concepts and practices about Kemosh. The epigraphic evidence further reveals the existence of the Moabite cults other than Kemosh. The shrine from Khirbat al-Mudayna and the Moabite figurines also sheds light on the Moabites’ religious life both in public and in private.